venerdì 1 agosto 2014

IBM Connections 5 strange identity

It's really interesting that a product distributed only on 64-bit platform. which brings with it the tool to be able to always install the 64-bit is not compatible with the 64bit installation tool, but it needs a tool 32bit.

Obviously, the error message appears at the end of the setup after you've installed all add-ons.


English version:

The following packages do not support the 64-bit version of Installation Manager that you are using: IBM Connections If you continue, you might have issues with installation and deployment. For information about 64-bit mode support for a package, see the package documentation.


The 64-bit version of Installation Manager checks each package for 64-bit support. If a package does not support the 64-bit version, you receive a warning.

User response

Use a 32-bit version of Installation Manager to install the package.

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