mercoledì 25 febbraio 2015

IBM Connections 5.0 CR2 is available

IBM Connections 5.0 CR2 includes new functions.

Integrating Connections Content Manager (CCM) libraries with IBM Docs

If the IBM Docs application is deployed, IBM Docs integrates with the library application to add new features and to enable co-editing of library document files.
The library interface changes if IBM Docs Editor 1.0.7 is deployed. First, new buttons are added to the main library page for creating documents, presentations, and spreadsheets directly from within a library. In addition, a new Edit in Docs button is displayed for document files; use this button to edit library files with the IBM Docs editor.
Linked libraries also support IBM Docs starting with IBM Docs Editor 1.0.7. However, to use IBM Docs features within a linked library, the library must reside on the FileNet server used by libraries on your Connections Content Manager installation. 

External users support for Connections Content Manager Libraries 

If Connections Content Manager (CCM) is used in your deployment and external user access is enabled, those users will now be able to access CCM libraries. There is a required administrative task which must be run before allowing visitors to access CCM libraries. Review the topic "Using libraries" under "Communities" in the online help for more information.

Editing a file locally for Files and Connections Content Manager Libraries using the desktop plugin

If you have the IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins for Microsoft Windows installed and configured, you can perform round trip editing on a file. This means that you can check out a file, edit it locally, and then check it back in to Files. The file you want to edit must be a file that you own or a file that has been shared with you and for which Editor access has been assigned. Use the Edit on Desktop button to launch to open the file for editing. 

Enhanced Lotus Quickr for Domino Pages:

Users who migrated Lotus Quickr for Domino Pages to the Connections Content Manager (CCM) Library will see the uploaded content of the file display in an iframe. The HTML inside the iframe is inlined and filtered for active content. Any script found within HTML will be turned off as a safety feature. The size of the document is limited to 40960 bytes. For best results, use the Lotus Quickr for Domino to IBM Connections Libraries Migration Tool when migrating content from Quickr (pages) to Connections 5.0 CR2.

Improved consistency for the error message when the description character limit is exceeded

There is now a consistent error when the description character limit is exceeded for all components in IBM Connections.


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