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IBM Connections Mail

IBM Connections Mail:
  • Minimizes switching between your messaging and social applications with access to existing corporate email and calendar within IBM Connections
  • Easily share mail attachments via the Connections Files service
  • Allows you to address mails to contacts in your IBM Connections, Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook networks
  • Allows you to find experts more easily with quick access to the Connections profile of mail recipients.
Video: See what IBM Connections Mail can do for you!
  • IBM Connections Mail lets you focus more on your social network, by letting you use your IBM Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange email and calendar from within IBM Connections. Watch this 2.5min video to see what else Connections Mail can do for you.   IBM Connections Mail video
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09/20/2012 Connections Mail Initial Posting

Key Features: 

IBM Connections Mail 1.0 provides mail and calendar integration into IBM Connections that works with both IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange.  
Connections Mail lets you
  • Get notified when new messages are in your inbox
  • Triage incoming mail
  • View, reply, forward, move to folder, delete, mark unread
  • Compose mail messages, including rich text editing and spell check
  • Manage attachments leveraging integration with IBM Connections Files
    • Easily share received attachments by uploading to Connections Files without leaving Connections Mail
    • Insert Links from IBM Connections Files and automatically share with message recipients
    • Take files from your file system, upload to Connections Files, send link and automatically share with message recipients from within Connections Mail
  • View pop-up info card with link to existing Profile for addressees when reading mail
    • Quick access to profile page for people
  • Search your inbox
  • View single-day calendar and individual entries
Connections Mail supports:
  • Live, up-to-date, interactive "embedded application experiences" when opening Connections 4.0 notification messages (Domino mail users)
  • Type-ahead addressing incorporating IBM Connections Profiles entries (with photos and job titles), recent contacts from the mail system as well as directory search
  • 1-click launch of Lotus iNotes messaging client (1-click launch of Microsoft Outlook Web Access client not yet supported)
  • Signatures
  • Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange back-ends

System Requirements:  IBM Connections Mail 1.0 requires the following:
IBM Connections 4.0, plus the following iFixes
  • IBM Connections 4.0 interim fix LO71325
  • IBM Connections 4.0 interim fix LO71327
  • IBM Connections 4.0 interim fix LO71328

One or more of the following: 
  1. IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.3 FP2 plus Lotus iNotes 8.5.3 Fix Pack 2 Interim Fix 1 for IBM Connections Mail 1.0
  2. OR Microsoft Exchange 2007  SP3
  3. OR Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1
Full details on system requirements, including supported browsers, can be found at this link:  IBM Connections Mail System Requirements

Installation, deployment and other documentation:
Refer to this Wiki page for more information about deploying and using IBM Connections Mail:  IBM Connections Mail installation and deployment documentation

IBM Connections Mail is a supported product for customers with valid IBM Connections 4.0 licenses.  To obtain support please go to the IBM Connections support site.