giovedì 15 maggio 2014

Just arrived: Exceptional Digital Experience: IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager V8.5

Exceptional Digital Experience:IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager V8.5 documentation


What's new

Learn what's new in IBM® WebSphere® Portal Version 8.5.

Just arrived Portal 8.5

The first signals this that is coming WebSphere Portal 8.5 there are, these days have been issued the new portlet to integrate with Portal8.5 Connections 4.5
and was released for the new CTC Portal 8.5

Here are the links

IBM Connections 4.5 Portlets For WebSphere Portal 

WebSphere Portal users can integrate the IBM Connections Community Libraries, Activity Stream, Activities, Blogs, Bookmarks, Communities, Forums, Profiles, Wiki, & Tag Cloud applications in order to:
  • View and interact with events from your communities.  Events include updates to documents, wikis, blogs, forums, profiles and status updates and other content updates to your communities.
  • Deploy community pages, which are portal pages associated with communities from IBM Connections Communities. Portlets on community pages are automatically scoped to the community membership and display content from the community in the portlets. For example, if your community contains a forum, adding the forum portlet to a community page lets portal users view and interact with the forum content from a Portal application.
  • View and contribute to discussion topics using the Forums portlet.
  • Blogs, Forums, and Profile summary portlets
  • Portal Search Center integration
  • Security integration allows community membership to be used for access control decisions in Portal through a new VMM adapter.
  • Create and work with IBM Connections Activities within WebSphere Portal. Users can easily set prioritization, activity status and to do items for their activities. Also, users have the ability to manage the membership to add and leverage the expertise and experience of others in the organization by working together.
  • Within WebSphere Portal users can view and create IBM Connections Blogs postings and comments. You can also view and contribute to Ideation Blogs you can access. Ideation blogs, unlike standard blogs, are used to generate and promote ideas in a community.
  • Easily create, edit and discover bookmarks in IBM Connections that have been qualified by others with similar interests and expertise.
  • Search a directory of colleagues you can use to build a network and locate expertise. Update and comment on Status Updates from your network.
  • Collaborate on a project with Wikis. Wiki members can view and edit the pages, or add their own pages. Use the wikis portlet to create a  collection of pages about a particular subject.
  • Incorporate meaningful keywords to find associated content and filter the items in other IBM Connections portlets.
  • Activity Stream portlet brings the IBM Connections Activity Stream experience into your Portal pages
  • Incorporate community based file access providing the ability to upload, check out, comment and version files of a community library.

The IBM Connections 4.5  Portlets for WebSphere Portal support:
  • IBM Connections 4.5 CR4
  • IBM WebSphere Portal Server CF 11+
  • IBM WebSphere Portal Server 8.5
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (64 bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10
    • (IE browser needs to be running in IE7 Document Standards mode for Activity Stream Portlet and CCM Portlet)
  • Mozilla Firefox 25+
  • Apple Safari 5
  • Chrome 32+


IBM Content Template Catalog 4.2 for WebSphere Portal v8.5.0.0

The Content Template Catalog v4.2 (CTC4.2) is a suite of assets that simplify and accelerate the process of building a website. It includes common page templates, content types and design elements - making it possible to build a basic site very quickly - with little or no customization. For more complex sites, CTC4.2 can be used to rapidly lay down the groundwork for the site with the templates and design elements easily tailored for your content.
CTC4.2 is delivered as a Portal Application Archive, which is a package of IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager assets and code, installed using the Portal Solution Installer. After installing this package you have a full templating system for building content-oriented WebSphere Portal sites.

New features in CTC 4.2 include:
  • WebSphere Portal 8.5 theme support:
    • CTC 4.2 supports and requires the WebSphere® Portal 8.5 theme
  • Embedded editing
    • All text and rich text fields throughout Content Template Catalog are now editable using the new "embed" mode for inline editing. The embed mode retains the exact styles and layout of the page, giving you true WSYWIG editing of all fields.
  • Localized CTC demonstration sites, available in English, Arabic, German, Spanish and Chinese.
Enhanced features in Site Builder 4.2 include:
  • Site and section creation can be achieved by users without requiring them to have Administration permission's in Portal

CTC 4.1 Overview video: What's new in IBM's Content Template Catalog v4.1
CTC 4.0 Overview video: An Overview of the Content Template Catalog Version 4
Youtube Channel: IBM Exceptional Digital Experience
Portal Wiki: Portal Wiki
User Guide: Documentation for Content Template Catalog v4.2 on the WebSphere Portal Family wiki
Previous versions of CTC: CTC3 for WebSphere Portal v7.0; CTC3.1 for WebSphere Portal v8.0; CTC4.1.2 for WebSphere Portal v8.0.0.1