martedì 8 marzo 2011

Survival barely

very difficult to survive the tangled web of delusions .....
An interesting case is one in which you have defined the URL completely incompatible with the normal function of SEO
clear just before the go-live as we do to change the request in a ll a bit smarter url?
Apache can thank God!
a simple, gets to say good rules to allow the rewriting of the source of the page dynamically

replace the "+" with "-"

<Location />
SUBSTITUTE AddOutputFilterByType text / html
Substitute s /+/-/ ni </ Location>

and do so in return i "-" return "+"

RewriteRule (.*)-(.*) $ 1 + $ 2 [N] ^/(.*) RewriteRule / $ 1 [PT, L]
then we replace the fixed part with a quick gateway to proxies in order to
dynamically rewrite all links in the page

ProxyPass / lumen / ProxyHTMLURLMap / lumen [c]
<Location /lumen/>
On ProxyHTMLEnable
SetOutputFilter proxy-html
ProxyHTMLURLMap / wps / wcm / connect / en + lumen / lumen + en / / lumen /
ProxyHTMLURLMap / lumen / lumen # serves to close the loop of writing </ Location>

final result
This page browsed ......

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