giovedì 26 marzo 2015

IBM Connections 5 on W2k12 strange agreement

If you need to install IBM Connections 5 on Microsoft Windows 2k12, i find some strange declaration :
in official documentation you can find that each component are supported on W2k12, but you must pay attention regarding DB2 and TDI .

About DB2 you must use DB2 10.1 fix 4 or later

 but is better if you install on W2K12 R2, in other case without R2 you must apply a silent installation.

About TDI, is very strange because in official documentation of Connections it's declare supported on W2k12 but if you try to run installer you received following error:

and if you check in TDI offical documentation you can verify that its not supported :-(

in order to solve this problem, you must run it in Compatibility Mode as Windows 7
you have some way to apply this Compatibility, following:

1. using GUI ineterface:
    • Right Click on the TDI installer file and select Properties from the Context menu. For eg: Click on <ISO_Image>\windows_x86_64\ install_tdiv711_win_x86_64.exe and select Properties
    • Click on the Compatibility tab.
    • Under the Compatibility mode section, set the the check box to true for " Run this program in compatibility mode for "
    • Under the drop down select Windows 7 .     
    • Click on OK to apply the compatibility mode.
    • Now run the installer and proceed normally. 

2. via Windows Registry

  • reg.exe Add "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\
    AppCompatFlags\Layers" /v "<your full path to exec file>"
    /d "WIN7RTM"
 3. set Environment Variable
  • and run your installer from the same command windows
using these precautions, you can install your Connections smoothly.

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